1.  DNA Gala Luncheon

New to Evangel or just want to learn more about this downtown community church? This event, hosted by Pastor Tony and Sara, happens a few times a year and we'll give you a great inside scoop into what makes Evangel what she is today. Lots of story, food, laughs, and new friends! Click HERE to register for our next launcheon.

2.  Discipleship TEST-DRIVE

A three-week (four sessions) introduction to the discipleship/mentoring journey.  Each weekly session is exactly one hour with a coach/mentor who has been walking this walk for a few years. During the week, we'll hook you up with a great devotional plan (digital or printed). Unless otherwise noted, sessions take place on the Zoom platform. Click HERE to sign up or get more information.

3.  Join a Microsite

Microsites are one of the best ways to meet new people and really become a part of this community church. We'd love to help you find a microcite - drop us an email at info@evangelfsj.com.

4.  Get Baptized

5. Volunteer

6. Become a Member