1.  Set Free Retreat

This epic weekend retreat happens a couple times a year (fall and spring) and is a fantastic way to experience greater freedom and the life-to-the-full Jesus promised us!  Click HERE to sign up or get more information.

2.  DNA Gala Event

New to Evangel or just want to learn more about this downtown community church?  This event, hosted by Pastor Tony and Sara, happens a few times a year and we'll give you a great inside scoop into what makes Evangel what she is today.  Lots of story, food, laughs, and new friends!  Click HERE to get more information.

3.  Join a small-group gathering

Midweek gatherings are one of the best ways to meet new people and really become apart of this community church.  We'd love to help you find a small group - drop us an email at info@evangelfsj.com.

4.  Get baptized

5.  Sit One Serve One (Volunteer :)