Evangel is partenring with Summer Pacific College, a highly accredited insitution of Christian education. Summit Pacific provides a quality education at the lowest possible cost.

Living Expenses

Room, board, and various living expenses are the responsibility of each individual student. Ideally, students would have extremely low room and board costs. Evangel would work hard at making every effort to provision this through the generosity of people in the house. Living expenses could also be accommodated through advanced savings or side work. In certain exceptional cases, Evangel may provide a living allowance.


Evangel Chapel is providing full-tuition scholarships to some ESM students. These scholarships are awarded to four students through a process of application and interview. Applicants are expected to be a part of Evangel Chapel, attending faithfully, exhibiting a sense of call to ministry, and actively involved in the activities of the house. Student from churches other than Evangel Chapel are encouraged to approach their church about possibly providing a scholarship of some sort.