While we advocate the ministry and function of the traditional Bible College, we also feel that there are some distinct advantages to going the route of ESM for both those that are seeking formal ministry training, and those that are looking to deepen their faith through intentional discipleship. 

1.  Hands-on Ministry Application

ESM gives a student the opportunity to get down in the trenches where the action really is. Our hope is that after 8 months, he/she would have a working knowledge of what life inside the local church, serving in a staff capacity, actually looks like.  Though Bible College work hard at giving practical ministry opportunities to their students, there is still a fair amount of disconnect between the gritty, day-to-day life of the local church, and the Bible College itself. This blends the two seamlessly.

2.  Efficient and Effective Training

Students are taking top-class Bible and Ministry training, fully accredited and on par with the best that Bible Colleges have to offer.  The real advantage is in being to work at your own pace, which can quite realistically be 2-3x faster than conventional methods of learning, especially in a community environment. Additionally, learning becomes much more effective when there is immediate application of principles learned. If a student should wish to pursue training in another Bible College down the road, they can do so with no time wasted, as all Global University courses are fully accredited.  

3.  Pastoral Work Begins Now

Students immediately assume pastoral-type roles in the house as part of their practical training. There's no waiting for 3-4 years, it starts now. Each student, in light of their personality and gifts, takes on significant roles of leadership and pastoral work in the church right from the get go.  

4.  Cost Effectiveness

Where a similar experience in a Bible College could cost up to $20k per year, a year in ESM can be achieved at significantly lower cost.  Part of that is due to a much lower course cost, but also the aspect of not having to leave home, which can greatly reduce cost of living expenses. It is extremely feasible that a student could finish a well-rounded Bible College education with absolutely no debt. 

5.  Affirmation of Vocational Call

One of the issues with the widely practiced traditional training model, is that students often do 4 years of training, without any clear sense of actual vocational calling. After graduation, many realize that they actually are not well suited to vocational ministry, and begin pursuit of some other vocational training.  In ESM, because of the full immersion in actual local church ministry, students quickly come to the realization of whether this is where they are gifted and talented to be.  The process of confirmation is reduced to 1 year rather than 6+ years.