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“What kind of action suits the Sabbath best? Doing good or doing evil? Helping people or leaving them helpless?”   ~ Jesus (Mark 3:4)

This is one of the raddest non-gatherings you'll see at Evangel!  We'll start the Sunday with a Livestream at 9am where you'll be inspired by the fact that church isn't something you attend, but the reality of who you are 24/7!  Then you and I will take our "sabbath" to DO something good for someone in your neighbourhood (that's what Jesus said it was ultimately for!).

You're also invited to a 12 pm gathering at Evangel's Lobby, where we'll rally the troops to random acts of kindness in our city.  Bring rakes (or shovels in the event of snow), gloves, and walking shoes!  It'll be a blast!

No registration required.