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Are you reading this while the preacher is trying to talk? Ha. Caught you! No worries. It’s not the same as texting and driving, you’re just trying to multitask. Kill two birds with one stone! Ok, enough… To the point. Take a deep breath. Take a look around and tell yourself, “you’re in the right place.” 

Seriously you are. WE are glad you’re here!

Okay so while you’re multitasking and drinking your coffee, here are a couple answers to questions you may (or may not) be asking. 

Why does the pastor wear flip-flops? 

Well, he’s probably not now that it is fall. But why is he dressed so casual? Or why is Jordan Koop wearing a tank top? Great questions. We get the whole, “dress up for God thing” or “this is a set apart place.” But you need to know this, we cannot separate God and everyday “life”.  And we strive to be a church that is as raw, real, and relevant as possible. It is all too easy to put a mask on when you come into church. But, nope. That’s not us. And we want you to be you! Besides, real people are more fun to be around! 

Why is it so dark in here?

Do you ever feel like the world is watching you? Especially if you’re new or lifting your hands during the singing? That’s just it. We don’t want you feeling awkward, again we want you to be yourself. Plus, ambient lighting is always more cozy, intimate, and if you’re single and looking, it’s even a little romantic ; ).

Why didn’t anyone say “Hi” to me? I’m new!

We’re human. We always try to welcome new peeps and give them a high five, but sometimes it’s way too easy to just “catch up” with people, you know? If nobody said, “Hi” this morning, there are two things you can do: one, next week, you be the person that says, “Hi” to others. Seriously, if you notice a hole, be Type A about it. Secondly, barge your way in. Again, we want to get to know you! 

Why is the coffee so good? 

Ok seriously, do we need to answer that? It’s because, “No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness.” 
Or something like that.

-Jimmy Noble