But such as I have give I thee…

You might be familiar with that saying - it comes right out of a story in Acts 3.  Peter and John are walking on their way to a Prayer Summit (corporate prayer is rare today, but it was very common in the early church).  On their way, they come upon a lame man begging for money.  And surprise-surprise - Peter and John have none.  They’re broke.  No moola.  Debit is coming up "insufficient funds”.  The Visa’s tapped.  

Now stop there: most of us would make a couple assumptions at that point:

    - We are incapable of doing much of anything because we have no money - and we’d be dead wrong.

Peter and John don’t have cash-in-hand, but they do have one thing, and they give it.  Turns out it’s prayer for healing.  They reach out to the beggar, declare him healed and pull him to his feet in the Name of Jesus.  Very cool!  Here’s a couple take-aways:

1) First, and I love this, the Holy Spirit can be very much present and working in power in spite of the fact that you might feel like financial matters are going down hill.  So often we think that if we’re tight financially, somehow God’s not happy, or he’s withholding from us.  NOT SO!  The opposite could actually be true.

2) Money is not the only gift you can give (including what money can buy).  We should remind ourselves of that a lot during this time of year.  In fact, what people often really want from us, is simply us.  Our time.  Our attention.  Our passion.  Our joy and laughter.  Our presence.  What do you have to give?  That’s where it’s at.  And be generous with it. 

When things are difficult, and pockets are empty, and people are sick - that’s when the best miracles and best gifts are about to be given.  Maybe you’re the one sitting beside the road feeling broken and desperate, or perhaps you're Peter and John walking by that person wanting to do something but feeling like you don’t have anything to offer.  Can I suggest something?  Open up your heart and your hands and be ready for something very cool to happen!