What is it like?

Evangel is a place where you can be welcomed into authentic Christian community, discover God for the first time, and grow spiritually healthy and strong. It’s also a place where you’ll be encouraged to help others experience those same things. We focus on loving God and loving people the same way He loved us - no strings attached.

Everything we do at Evangel springs from our desire to be a church for the city of Fort St. John- nonody’s perfect, everyone’s welcome, and anything can happen. Because of this, many people notice right away (just walking in the front doors) that Evangel feels "un-churchy". Someone once said, "Anyone can go to Evangel". It was meant to be a bit of a slight, but we took it as a flat-out compliment! If you don't feel right at home your first time visiting, we'll give you a $15 gift card to Whole Wheat & Honey for your trouble, though we must admit - our coffee and espressos rival theirs (and that's saying something)!

What does a Sunday Gathering look like?

First, grab a free cup of coffee or tea before the gathering starts. You’re welcome to bring beverages into the meeting area with you! 

A typical weekend gathering is about 75 minutes, and includes: 

  •      Singing led by the band - you can also just listen along
  •      Prayer from a worship leader or pastor
  •      A few moments to welcome each other (meet and greet)
  •      News and announcements
  •      A Ted-like Talk from a pastor - usually about 30 minutes

After almost every gathering, people are available to pray for you around the stage area.  We would love to serve you in this way!

What about my kids?

Your kids?  Don't worry - we got this!  During every regular service we offer age-specific programs for nursery to 6th Grade. Our Sunday children’s programs (KidCity) usually start right after the singing (we’ll let you know!) and are located in the East-wing of Evangel's building. 

Where do I park?

There's tons of street parking, plus a parking lot right beside our building for parents with small children, and first-time guests.  If you need help parking, or would like a valet to help you get set up, look for guys in bright orange vests, and they'll be happy to help you!

What do I wear?


How can I get connected?

  1. Come to weekend gatherings as often as you can or join us online
  2. Stop by the Welcome Desk on your next visit - we'd love to meet you!
  3. Fill out I'm New digital card
  4. Sign up for a descipleship TEST-DRIVE