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Evangel has been talking about how the body and soul are totally connected and Jesus cares about ALL of us… including the physical. Thus, Evangel is kicking off a fun fitness competition that you can join! OH! And did we mention that you could win big $$$?  
February 15th - March 15th 
1. Strength gain (the most strength, pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, etc, increase in one month). Team leaders will give specifics. 
2. Weight loss (the most weight loss in one month) 
3. Cardio improvement (the most improved cardio over one month) 
4. Scripture Memory (The most NEW bible verses memorized in one month) 
Sign Up: 
  • Go to Evangel Downtowns web sight and sign up on the “TeamFIT” form.
  • You can join as many of the competitions as you would like 
$10 per competition to join and winner takes all (you can pay through the form)
Leaders Needed
We are looking for more people to “lead” a team. It will not take very much time and you would simply meet via Zoom once a week to see how every one is doing and tally up the change from week to week. If you would like to lead please contact Jimmy.